A Battle of Prayer and Faith

Sept 28,2012 I lost my job of 11 years. It was shocking and pretty rough. I was one of fourteen who were also fired. The first couple months were pretty rough as I couldn’t seem to focus on my future. Saturated with the past feeding on the poison. My only weapons were prayer and faith in my Savior and Lord. Not to mention I was refused unemployment benefits… they fought me until May of 2013. The battle began constant and dedicated prayer.

My flesh and the enemy made me even think something was wrong with me—-that was short-lived! I surrounded myself with my spiritual family and got more active in my church at the Howell Campus. The enemy even got to me regarding playing drums for praise and worship making me feel inadequate. Satan did not want me to make joyful noise for the God who gave me this talent. With the help of my mentor that too was a thought that I cast down. Satan was defeated again!!

I continued praying, visualizing and listening to God. Everyday I spend an hour in the Word and mediating. I was asking God that it be his will that I’m called to do what I should be doing in his honor. Not wanting to focus on the fact I had no income so I used this time off to get my mind and my heart aligned. Move a head 9 months into this battle I was finally awarded all of my unemployment benefits. I constantly asked the Lord to shine the light of the righteous on the three Michigan Appeals Court judges who would be responsible for this decision. NOT ON ME. They stated in the decision that my employer (one of the largest Home Improvement companies) had no right at all to deny me my benefits after 11 years of service. This was the end of May 2013. The Lord spoke FAVORABLY to my heart about thoughts of going to work for John Deere Agricultural Divison so I pursued it like a dog with a bone. This was the only place I interviewed in the 10 month period. I start my new job July 8, 2013 almost a year since I was terminated.

Now  talk about providing over and above what we can even imagine. My new employers initially wanted me to be involved in a new program selling used parts on the internet. Two days later I was called and told there was a change in plans. They wanted to train me as a Certified John Deere Parts man working directly with the farmer. This will be at my employers largest Agricultural Facility in Corunna, Michigan 18 miles from my home. Take that Satan!!

The support of my church family and Pastoral Staff Pastor Anton, Pastor Shanda, Pastor Devin and ‘Dr. Beat’ was crucial in building my faith– but my Faith was key to weathering this battle. At no time even with no income at all or a job was I scared or concerned. It was Amazing and a wonderful lesson learned. Thank you Lord and thank Life Christian Church Howell you all mean so much to me. I don’t see how anyone could make it without what I have. Thank You all!!!!