A quick testimony

This came in just moments ago, and since we’ve been spending time the past few weeks examining how we can live a life FREE of the influence of the enemy, we wanted to share it with others. Notice we said free of the influence, not free of the attacks on our mind… the devil is always going to try and get us off track, but praise God, we don’t have to be derailed!


Here’s the testimony:

I was recently relaxing just before getting ready for bed and my mind started going places, negative, angry, resentful places, toward a family member that I have long since forgiven and am helping to care for now, it didn’t take very long for me to start thinking…where is this coming from….

I realized it was the devil was trying to get me riled up,  I immediately starting praying and asking the Lord to take these thoughts and fill me with the peace that only He can give.  And He Did!!!! Thank You Jesus!

I was able to sleep that night and the next morning had no bad attitude or any residual affect.  Recognizing the enemy and knowing Who brings the Victory is all we need to overcome the battle in our minds.