A Romans Reminder


Today was day 5 of our walk through the Scripture together! If you haven’t joined us, it’s not too late. We started in Romans chapter 1 and are spending the month (until Nov 6) looking at and focusing on one chapter a day as a campus. Then, over on our Facebook Page, every morning there is a short devotional thought.

Our desire is for you to walk through the scriptures with us each day. Maybe it’s the morning, or maybe you join us before bed…but take about 5 minutes to read the chapter for the day, and then join the discussion on Facebook by giving a thought about what stood out to you or spoke to you from the chapter. Then, share the discussion on your page so others can see it and join in as well!

Coming together and focusing on God like this can help us all support one another spiritually. As you share your insights on a verse from the daily chapter, you could be encouraging or speaking something to someone else! You never know how God may use you to bless others, or what He may reveal and speak to you as you spend a few minutes in His Word.

Also, don’t forget that at the end of this journey together, we’re going to have our First Wednesday Worship Service. That’s right, each day up until Nov 6 we are walking through a chapter together, and then that night at 7 pm we will have a full worship service at the Howell Campus. We’ll be joining with our friends in Troy and New Baltimore in this awesome experience as we come to worship God and focus on Him. There will be extended worship and ministry time, with a short teaching. So start setting the tone for this night right now by walking through the Word with your Howell family, and then bring a friend on Sundays as we continue our series on David: A Man After Gods Own Heart, and finally be here Nov. 6 at 7pm for First Wednesday. Really, you won’t want to miss this time together in the presence of God!