A Testimony of God’s Provision

In September, during our ‘You Asked For It’ series, I taught on the subject of biblical tithing. We explored in the Old and New Testament what the Bible says, why we do it, and what it produces in our lives. At the end of that message, I issued a challenge to our congregation, directly from the words of the prophet Malachi: Seriously test God. It’s the only time in the Bible we are actually told to do this, and He doesn’t just suggest it, He seems to encourage it.

The workings of this challenge were simple. If a person or family had not been tithing, but they could see for themselves the blessing in it the Word promised, to start doing it. No matter what things looked like on paper, trust God FIRST, not with whatever was left over, and see if He wouldn’t just do exactly what He said in the Scripture He would do. If, after 6 months to a year, it didn’t work and God didn’t provide as He promised, I’d give the money back.

Now, while that was the challenge, there were some rules to follow. To take the tithe challenge, a person actually had to tithe… not just give, but tithe at least 10%. They had to do it consistently from every paycheck. And they had to give it at least 6 months, because anyone can start something and it be hard and then they decide it’s not working (like our January diets!). Of course, applying faith is also a great thing to do with anything spiritual, but the law of sowing and reaping is so absolute that while someone may not be as blessed if they tithe just to see if it works, they’ll still be blessed.

That statement may cause some pause, but consider it like this: If two people have the same amount of natural seed, lets say corn, and they both plant 10% of it expecting a harvest, it really doesn’t matter if one person plants 10% because he doesn’t want to starve and the other plants it because he wants to be able to give more away… both will see a crop. Now, the one who wants to do more with his return crop than keep it for himself will see the value in tending it and caring for it, while the other person may or may not, but if its planted and not dug back up, naturally that seed is going to sprout and grow.

Anyway, after that message several people indicated that they were going to take my tithing challenge, which excited me, because I’ve seen repeatedly in my own life how faithful God is to do what His Word promises when we act on it in faithful obedience. Since September, I’ve already had some testimonies come in about how God has moved, and it hasn’t even been 6 months yet. Again, this doesn’t surprise me, but it still excites me.

Below is another testimony that was sent to me via text from a woman who took the tithe challenge and I didn’t even know it. Her incredible testimony of God’s faithfulness put a smile on my face and reminded me again about how good our God is. I pray this testimony blesses you and stirs faith in your heart, because God doesn’t show favoritism… what He does for one person who acts on His Word, He’ll do for anyone who acts on His Word!


Pastor Devin

A Tithe Testimony:

Good morning, PDK! I will not be at church tomorrow (helping a friend with traveling) but I have a tithing testimony……in October I chose to take your tithing challenge seriously. I

have been doing it once a month (looking at it as a monthly payment) in doing so, in just 2 months I have received 2 unexpected bonuses at work (haven’t ever had those in the 10 years as a medical assistant) and increased my dog sitting care giving services.

All of which has elevated my financial income by over $800 and (I’ve also) been blessed with a new printer and some new clothing and been able to bless some of those close to me!!!! In just 2 months, God has blessed me with abundance I haven’t seen or felt ever!!! He is SO good. Have a great day!!