An Unexpected Answer

My sister was running during track practice and collapsed unexpectedly. She was taken to the hospital and when examined the doctors found that muscles of her leg had completely pulled her hip bone out of the hip socket. The doctors said that he had never seen anything like it. The probability for recovery was not good. It looked like it would take months to heal and she would have to go through months of physical therapy before she could walk – if she was to walk at all.

One week later, while at a Life Christian Church service, I was encouraged to pick-up a prayer cloth for my sister. I was instructed what to do with the cloth.

So when I returned home that evening, I placed the cloth on my sister’s hip and prayed for her. She was skeptical of its effectiveness, so I slipped it under her pillow and said a silent prayer before leaving her room.

The very next morning – I awoke to my sister walking into my room. If that was enough to glorify God, she is now running! Something the doctor said that might never happen. The doctor is confounded by her progress, and she is still a little confused as well, but I know exactly what has happened – thank you Jesus!!!