Blood Clot Gone!

On January 7th my cousin went into the hospital with what started off as a severe headache.

She was admitted and they found a blood clot on her brain blocking the main vein to her heart. From this point on the many complications arose. She had internal bleeding, a collapsed lung and she hadn’t spoken in days. The pain was so severe all this 18 year old girl could do was moan.

I asked Pastor Sarah Marie to pray with me. It was about 8:00-8:15 Wednesday night. Never heard a more powerful prayer than what I witnessed. She declared that the Lord was at her bed side at that moment making His presence known to her and that He had His hands on her and completely healed her. She told me she would get up & feel well and have a testimony for us. Thursday morning my cousin called me to tell me a miracle occurred and last night her daughter got up and spoke for the first time in 6 days. Her daughter told her she felt the covers being lifted above her and a warm hand rubbing her belly and then suddenly felt better. This was between 8:00-9:00 Wednesday night. She knew nobody was there, being her eyes were open when she felt this presence. Within 24 hours she was home with a sound mind and a healed body. She has already shared her testimony with others.