Christmas Blessing 2014 Pt. 1

Last year was Toys for Kids, this year is Christmas Blessing! We are excited to be able to partner with the great people at the Youth Connection to help minister to local teens who are homeless. Our Church exists for others, and we are ready to show it!

So, what is the plan? well, it has changed some from what our original plan was, but we’re still ready to serve, so take a look below and see what we’re going to be doing, and how YOU can be involved! Contact Pastor Devin at if you have questions!

~This Christmas we are partnering with Livingston Family Center to provide for local teens who are homeless. Along with collecting donations for The Livingston Family Center (YOUTH CONNECTION SERVICES) we also want to provide items of need to local kids for Christmas. we have been given a list of items needed by these teens, such as a coat or boots or warm socks. Those items will be purchased and provided using the money collected from our Special Offering! Items will be dropped off by December 17th to have time to distribute them for Christmas!

~Also, on Wednesday, December 10 we will be providing dinner for the teens and staff at the Youth Connection facility. If you are interested in signing up for a dish, please see the signup list in the resource cafe. That afternoon, our Urgency Youth Ministry will deliver the meal and help prepare it to serve, and take a tour of the facility. Anyone else interested in participating in the drop-off and tour is welcome, but must sign up so we know how many are attending. Please use the Tour Signup page at the cafe. AFTER the tour ends, we will be doing the Christmas Shopping for the teens from their ‘wish list’!

~Finally, on Sunday, December 14th we will host our first-ever Bacon Sunday Breakfast Extravaganza! This breakfast celebration will start at 9am and carry into the service and we fellowship together and worship the Lord. Please be involved by bringing a breakfast item to share with others (involving Bacon, if possible!) and SIGN UP at the Cafe for what you will bring and to give us a count for attendance! Invite someone to join you that morning for breakfast and to hear about the promises God has for them!