Christmas Blessing 2014 Pt. 2

We are excited to be able to help young people in need this Christmas and share God’s love!

How Can YOU be a part of this Christmas Blessing:

1) Sign up to participate in the meal we will provide for the Youth Connection on December 10th. See the Signup Sheet at the Resource Cafe to participate!

2) Sign up to be a part of the drop-off and tour on December 10th at the Youth Connection. We will gather at the church at 4pm and travel together to the facility to drop off the meal and prepare it for the teens and the workers. We will also tour the facility so everyone can learn more about what the Youth Connection does to help teens in need!

3) Be a part of the Christmas Shopping Experience on December 10th. After the dinner is dropped off and the tour is finished, we will take the Christmas Needs List from the Youth Connection and go shopping! Anyone who can’t participate in the drop-off and tour can still be involved here! There will be 2 teams gathering items: Team A will shop specifically for teens while Team B will shop for supplies that will be used by the Youth Connection to support youth. All items will be purchased using funds from our Special Offering, so you don’t need money, just a desire to help!

4) Sign up to participate in our First Ever Bacon Sunday Extravaganza! Dec. 14th starting at 9am we are going to have a Bacon-themed breakfast and time of fellowship. Sign up to bring a bacon-themed breakfast item and then invite someone to join you that morning for the fun, with a laid-back, fun-filled service to follow!