Churchwide Tech Training This Weekend!

We are excited to have our awesome Tech Director, Jeno Cram, is going to be helping us all go to a new level of tech proficiency! Directly after service we will take a short break to allow people to pick up their children, then come back into the sanctuary, along with your tablet and smart phone, and learn the following things:

~How to ‘check in’ on Facebook and promote our awesome church and events to your friends!

~For those looking for jobs, learn how to LinkedIn to search for jobs and connect with those hiring for jobs. We are believing for favor with those searching!

~Most importantly, learn how to access and utilize the Google Hangouts feature to join online conversations, groups, and devotions. Even when you can’t make your small group because of travel or a sick family member, connect through a Hangout and don’t miss out on the chance to participate and be involved!

This meeting will provide some great tools and information, but won’t take too much of your time, so plan to join us and get up to speed so you can always be involved!