This was given out last Wednesday to everyone in Urgency. It’s a great way to help get your mind focused on thinking about your life the way God does! Take a few minutes every day to read this out loud, and then also spend a few minutes reading the Bible and asking God to speak to you through His Word!

Also, go to the Urgency Student page and check out last week’s message to hear the whole challenge.


This morning I seek you first before anything else today Lord and ask that you have your way in my life. Psalm 37:4 says that that those who “delight themselves in the Lord, will receive the desires of their hearts.”  Show me who I can help. Lead me to those who can help me. Help me to trust you with my friendships, with my schoolwork, with my family, and with my future. Like it says in Psalm 51:10 I ask, “Create a clean heart inside me, Oh God, and restore inside me a sense of being brand new.”  God help me be confident and ready for today I pray Psalm 56 over my day saying, “When I am afraid, I will trust in you.” I trust you and I thank you for all you do in my life and all you are going to do today. Teach me your way, Oh Lord, and I will walk in your truth (Psalm 86:11). When I feel like my feet are slipping or I don’t feel like I can do the right thing… your love, Oh Lord, supports me. When anxiety is overwhelming me, you bring me joy (Psalm 94:18,19). God, when I call on you, You answer me. You are with me in trouble. You will always deliver me and honor me. God you give me a long life and daily show me my salvation (Psalm 91:15,16).

God, I thank you that you promise to protect me today and keep me safe. Today, God… I look to you. Today, I seek your face (Psalm 105:4). Because I know your love is better than life itself, I praise you with my life today. Let me honor you in the words I use, in the way I treat my friends and family, and in the way I do all that I do. God, direct me in the path of what it is that you want for my life today. Direct me, because I know that I find real happiness in you and nothing else (Psalm 119:35). Your words are a lamp to my feet as I walk today. It is your words that light my path (Psalm 119:105). God I’m not perfect. I know I mess up,  “But with You there is forgiveness,” (Psalm 130:4). Forgive me of what I’ve done wrong and help me start new today.  Explore me, Oh God and know the real me. Dig deeply and discover who I am. Put me to the test and watch how I handle every stress. Examine me to see if there is anything that doesn’t please You and guide me in your path (Psalm 139:23-24). God I know that “my life is not my own and it is not up to me to direct all my steps” (Jeremiah 10:23). God show me what you want to happen today and warn me about the things that I shouldn’t do. Help me to love others as you love me, for you love me so unconditionally. God I know that no matter what I do or what happens in my life, you love me. Help me to love others like that (John 15:12).

Sure, there are a lot of things that I “can” do, but you know that not everything is good for me and not everything is your best (1 Corinthians 6:12). So show me God, what things are best for me and help me let go of the things that are not. My body is where your Holy Spirit lives. God because you are inside me, I know that I am not my own. You bought me with a price and so today I choose to honor you with my body (1 Cor. 6:19,20). No temptation is too hard for me to handle because I know that you are faithful God and you will show me a way out (1 Cor. 10:13). Today I don’t just seek my own good, but I seek the good of others (1 Cor. 10:24). God help me to be on my guard today, so that I can stand firm in my faith, that I can be a Christian full of courage and so that I can be strong today. Help me do everything in love (1 Cor. 16:13).

God I know that I am not always as strong as I could be. You know my weaknesses, but it’s so great because I know that YOU use even my weaknesses. When I am weak, I ask that you come be my strength (2 Corinthians 12:10). Today I thank you that you have chosen ME and that you work out everything in my life for good because I love you (Ephesians 1:11, Romans 8:28). Just as it says in Colossians 4:2, I “devote myself in prayer, being watchful and thankful.”  Right now as I sit here, I ask that you speak to me. What do you want in me today? …God my life is in your hands today and I trust you and seek you today with my WHOLE HEART, holding nothing back.