Easter Sermon Handout Notes

Here are the notes that were in the worship guide for the Easter Message. Use them to follow along as you watch the service!


The Journey Sermon Notes- 4/20/14 Howell Campus

Scriptures Referenced in Message:  Romans 8:11; Psalm 34:8; Philippians 4:7; Romans 3:23; Luke 19:10 (NIV); John 3:16-18 (Message); Romans 10:13


*Jesus came into our world, experienced the worst that life could offer, took the mess and put it back together again for us…that’s what Easter is all about!


In order to experience the Power of God in our lives, we must do these 3 things:


We have to __________ That we need a power greater in our lives that what we can bring on our own.

*If you’re hit by a car, you qualify for a hospital. If you’re human, you qualify for a Savior!


The second thing we have to do is ________ that what He’s done, He’s done for us.

*Perfect people don’t need rescuing… but none of us is perfect.

*Believing in God and asking Him to do in our lives what we can’t doesn’t make us weak. It makes us honest.


The final thing that we have to do is ________ our need for Him.

 *God still saves today. He saves us from our sin, He saves us from our circumstances, and He saves us from our self-inflicted wounds…because He loves us!