Enjoy Life!


Are you enjoying life?  This is question I’ve really starting asking myself since I moved up here to Michigan and began working alongside the Life Christian staff.  Here at Life we have what we call the 4 E’s which include Encountering God, Empowering People, Existing for Others, and Enjoying Life.  All four are so important, but the past month I have really gotten to thinking about what it means to enjoy life.

There are so many lies we tell ourselves about the things in life we need in order to be happy.  If only I had more money… If only I had a nicer car… I wish I could do whatever I wanted to… I wish I was married… I wish I wasn’t married… I wish I had a bigger house… If only I lived in a different state… If only I lived in foreign country… ALL THESE things you may think will make life better?

Changing what you have or where you are has nothing to do with enjoying life.  Enjoying life is about being proud of where you are today.  Enjoying life is not letting each day slip by while you make other plans.  I have really been evaluating my own life and I am realizing that right now what I need in order to enjoy life is make the most of what God has put in front of me.  Sure I’d like to travel to Europe and South America.  Sure I’d like to live in a high-rise apartment.  But I can’t let my current happiness be reliant on future possibilities and dreams.

My joy should be found in the Lord and knowing that He has put me right where I am supposed to be.  I should be enjoying life, not because everything is perfect, but because I choose to!  Ultimately, enjoying life is less about having everything you want.  It’s more about wanting everything you have.  Embracing what is in front of you and getting the best out of the day in front of you.  It’s great to dream and believe that God is moving and doing great things with your future, but don’t let that stop you from seizing today! We can’t afford to miss what we have in front of you because who knows how long it’ll be until things change. Each day is a new day and today is the last day of its kind.  Don’t let it pass you by. Choose to enjoy life!


Psalm 118:24 – “This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.



By Kaytlynd Spangler