First Fruits Returned

I am testifying about how faithful God is to doing his word.

Right after Christmas I was watching TV when I had a prompting from God to watch a program that was teaching on First Fruit for three days.

First fruit is a seed that requires you to sow the first of every thing to God and this seed can be sown at anytime. However, when a first fruit seed is sown at the beginning of a new year on top of your tithes and offerings it sets the tone for the favor of God for the rest of the year.

I learned that this is a seed that has to be sown out of Love for God, out of obedience to his word and out of expectation for a harvest. After the program, I sowed my seed silently with no one knowing but God a lone. While my family was visiting I kept looking through my wallet, multiple times and I did not know what I was looking for. I know all I had in my in my wallet was 36 cents cash. Three days after I sowed my seed at Wednesday night woman’s bible study I found the exact amount of my seed in my wallet. After every three days on four different occasions I found a total of 4 times the exact amount of my seed in my wallet or purse. After a week, I found 5 times the exact amount of my seed. In total I found 9 times the exact amount of the one seed that I had sown. Each time I found that my seed I will call my sister and tell her I keep find money and I don’t know how or where but God did it. I am so amazed. We serve a God that is able to do more than what our minds can imagine.