Give God a ‘Thumbs Up!’

My right thumb has been in a lot of pain off and on for the last month. I was at a Life Christian service last night and after praise & worship Pastor Anton announced that they would be laying hands on people after the service. I knew I would go up for prayer. The teaching started and my thumb was hurting. Pastor Sarah Marie was talking about how the enemy legally can be here on earth until the lease runs out and legally sickness & disease can be here, BUT legally sickness and disease has no right in our bodies as God’s children. I took that! I was listening to the teaching and became eager for the time of prayer at the altar because I knew I would be healed because that pain in my thumb was illegal. Right at the end of Pastor Sarah Marie’s teaching she said something along these lines “I believe in the God of the Bible, Who is the same yesterday, today and forever, so I believe in miracles!”

Right as she spoke the word “miracles” I had a sensation in my thumb and all the pain left! I could freely move my thumb 100% free of pain! I still went up to the altar, but for another need…because my thumb had already been healed!