Give the Devil a Black Eye!

“A few weeks ago, my daughter came to me late in the evening complaining of a severe pain in her shoulder. I laid hands on her and prayed over her and sent her to bed. When she woke up the next morning with the same symptoms, I told her that I would take her to the chiropractor on her lunch hour. He told us that she had a rib out of place, adjusted her, and the pain was gone.

Later that same afternoon, she was in a soccer game, and fell on the same shoulder. She came to me during the game, and I could see the fear and pain in her eyes. Some of the nearby moms became very concerned, and began to express their fear. I pulled her aside and told her that we were going to give the devil a black eye.

I told her that I was going to pray over her again, and afterward she was going to walk back around the soccer field, swinging her arms as far as they would go (that previously caused a lot of pain). I told her that by the time she got back to her team, the pain would be gone. So I prayed for her, and off she went, swinging her arms. As I returned to my seat, the moms inquired about her. I told them we were believing that she would be healed by the time she got around the field. One mom apparently asked another, is that possible? The next thing we knew, she was back in the game, throwing the ball over her head, and playing fine! The moms who had previously expressed their concern, began to voice it again, “should she be doing that?” I told them that she wouldn’t do it if she was still in pain !

After the game, my daughter confirmed to us that the pain had left her by the time she walked around the field to her team, and she hasn’t had the pain since! Not only did God show Himself real to her, but to the moms who saw the miracle happen before their eyes!”