God Had Different Plans

About two years ago my family and I had noticed that I had scoliosis. At first it was no big deal. As time went on I noticed a lot of pain and the way my body was deforming. My family & I went to a doctor in Florida who said the condition could get where it would crush my heart and lungs and I would die from internal bleeding. Last year I went to another doctor, this time in Michigan. I had an x-ray taken. My back had a 52 degree turn in it, which had increased a lot within a year. While we were at that doctor, he said that people no longer did spinal correction and I thought I would be in pain for the rest of my life.

I thought I knew how I was going to die…and I had even had suicidal thoughts because it would hurt so bad I thought dying would be easier. After some time, one of the leaders prayed and the next day a doctor showed up who was certified to do the surgery and would do it for me. While I was happy that God had sent someone to fix it, I still had pain.

Last night at Troy campus, the pain was unbearable. A young girl from Urgency Youth Ministry offered to go up to the stage with me to get prayed over for it…and it worked. I cursed the pain, thanked God a thousand times and I cried…A LOT. I was overwhelmed with great relief and knew everything was going to be okay. Today there still is no pain.