God Moves

The move towards God

My oldest brother a few years back was diagnosed with restless leg syndrom and prescribed medicine.  After taking the medicine for over two years found out one of the side effects was addiction.  He became addicted to gambling which was a shock to our family.  We prayed and he was taken off the medicine and has went back to being himself again.  He lives in IL where the housing market is very slow.  They put their house up for sale so the could move to GA to be closer to their first grandson.  I told him I would be praying for him to sell his house.  He called last week to tell me that their house had sold and even the realtor commented that it was a miracle…Glory to God!!  Then he said you need to make sure you are sitting down.  He and my sister-in-law talked and when they move to GA they are going to start going to church along with his stepson and their entire family.  My brother hasn’t been in church since he was probably 16 years old and he is now 61.

All the praise, honor and glory to The Lord!!!!!!!!