God of the ‘Small Stuff’

Recently we got a testimony from a lady here in the Howell Campus about how God has been moving in her life. She said:

“A while back I asked for prayer for God to move in my finances. My husband and I live on a fixed income and live check-to-check. We do pay our bills, but there is never much left over. Along with praying and believing for God to move, I also started to tithe, according to the Word of God. I figured if I wanted God to do His part, I needed to do mine.

Several weeks went by and nothing really seemed to change, but then yesterday we got a letter form the IRS. We had been disputing something with them where they made us pay a good chunk of money  for previous years that we didn’t believe we needed to pay. We’d paid it to avoid penalties and fees, but then were disputing it. The letter that we god said that they had been wrong and we had indeed overpaid. We were getting a check back for over $1400!

I know that my asking God to move in conjunction with my obedience to His Word in tithing opened the door for Him to make a way with the IRS…after all, we had been in this dispute for MONTHS with no movement or indication from the IRS that they were going to work with us or give anything back. God is good, and he cares about even the small things in our lives!”


Praise the Lord!