God Paid it Back

2 years ago I found myself facing considerable IRS debt that had resulted from the actions of another person.

I knew that I wasn’t responsible for this debt; however, the IRS maintained that I was. Every “legal and tax expert” I consulted told me I was stuck…that the IRS “wouldn’t go away”. So I went before God; I stated my case and began standing on what His Word said about rebuking the devourer for my sake. Over the next 18 months and 8 denials in the appeal process I found myself searching for other possible resolutions. In my quiet time God asked me “do you really trust me?” I knew that I did, so I went ahead and filed the final appeal and a mediation conference was scheduled. I went into that conference ‘prayed-up’ and confessing a positive outcome. The mediator concluded that I had met all of the criteria and granted me full relief! But that isn’t the end of the story because our God is a God who restores. Not only was I granted full relief, the agent told me that the IRS will be refunding all that they have taken from me since this process began….with interest!