God was There

When Pastor Anton was teaching, my son saw a vision. On the way out of the church parking lot after the service, he asked what was the deal with the smoke around Pastor Anton? I asked, what smoke? And he said, “didn’t you see all the smoke around Pastor Anton?” I said no, but I knew God had allowed Himself to be seen by my son, and I told him so. This is what my son saw in his words:

“When I started paying attention when Pastor Anton was talking about how communion was important, I looked up and saw steam coming off of him. It was coming off of his whole body, like the team that comes out of your mouth on a cold day. I thought everybody could see it, so I didn’t say anything. It lasted all through the rest of the service, and when he prayed over the people at the end, the cloud of steam got bigger and bigger and then it left him and went up to the ceiling.”

That day many were touched by God through the hands of the pastoral staff at LCC. Thank you Jesus for showing yourself to my son and to the rest of the congregation at LCC!