Healing During Communion

hen I came down to the front of the sanctuary to receive the Communion elements; during the Communion part of the service, Pastor Sarah Marie was standing at the front row shaking everyone’s hand that passed by her. Pastor Sarah Marie shook my hand as well and touched my face. As her hand went onto my face, I felt a rush of heat passing through my face right where she touched me.


I picked up the communion elements from the table, walked back to my seat and began to worship God with both of my hands stretched out. As I was worshiping, I felt goose bumps flowing all over my body and within the same moments, I felt like someone was holding my right arm. It was like a power holding my right arm up in the space with the communion wafer still in my hand. This surprised me greatly, because I never could hold my arm up for that long. It encouraged me to look, to see who was holding my arm; I found out, it was Jesus, standing next to me and with His power, my right arm was still held up.

At the same time that this was going on, Pastor Dino was praising God and calling out the different healing manifestations as the Spirit of God was leading him. Then he asked us to receive the bread. I felt the power that was holding my arm, lift my hand and usher the bread into my mouth. Immediately, as the bread got into my mouth, I was pulled with some sort of force and was following Jesus. I don’t know how. I know I was pulled out of my seat very fast. I was following Him as He proceeded forward from where I was standing, to the right wall of the sanctuary. I then followed Him all the way around the outside of the sanctuary seats until we came to the front of the sanctuary. The next thing I knew, we were both standing next to Pastor Dino as he was still praising and worshiping God. Jesus was standing next to Pastor Dino and I was standing in front of Jesus, facing Him. Jesus was very happy in that atmosphere. I can not even begin to describe His Happiness. When Pastor Dino finished praising and worshiping God, I found myself back at my seat.

Then, Pastor Sarah Marie asked Pastor Dino to pray with her over the cloth pieces. As they both stood next to each other with their hands on the clothes praying, Jesus appeared again. This time Jesus was kneeling on the first step of the alter. Near Pastor Sarah Marie and Pastor Dino, as they were praying, He was praying with them until they finished.


When the service ended, this woman conveyed her experience to Pastor Sarah Marie. Pastor Sarah Marie requested that everyone, still in the sanctuary, stop where they were to hear the experience that just happened in the Church. After hearing this woman’s testimony, Pastor Sarah Marie invited people to come and receive the cloths that had been prayed over.