As a young woman from Italy, Sarah Gardner came to America desiring the American dream. For 18 years, she attended the Mormon Church, raised her three children, and became a successful business woman.  Even though she appeared to have everything depression was closing in on her as her life began falling apart. Looking everywhere for answers, suicide began to look like her only solution. Sarah turned on the television for company and grabbed some sleeping pills and attempted to end her life.

Suddenly, The 700 Club’s Pat Robertson came on saying,“I see a little mama who wants to end her life.  Don’t do it!”



He spoke of Jesus’ love for Sarah and she accepted Christ into her heart. Immediately, she experienced a sensation like hot oil being poured all over her. The desire to end her life was completely gone as in that moment Jesus had replaced her misery with His love!

She found a good church and quickly learned the Word of God. With the help of the Holy Spirit, Sarah started a Bible study, which grew into the founding of Life Christian Church in 1992.

The Lord began to speak to her about how He would use her as a vessel to birth many churches. These churches would focus on ministering to the needs of the people, discovering their gifts and skills and equipping leaders for the works of ministry. These leaders would duplicate themselves, in turn building the kingdom of God and spreading the Gospel. A great army would be built for the Lord! She was ordained in 1997 by Bishop Keith Butler of Word Of Faith Christian Center in Southfield, Michigan.


Today, LCC’s church home in Troy has expanded to include three additional campus locations: Howell, MI, New Baltimore, MI, and Naples, FL. She continues to foster the apostolic gift by planting churches, equipping leaders and transforming lives.

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