Host Home Info

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There have been many people that are interested in finding out more about being a host home for homeless teenagers. This host home program is a mentor ship type program where a teenager who currently doesn’t have a home would stay with you. This is a great ministry opportunity for those able to help on this level, but it is also a challenge. Many of these kids have been hurt and don’t trust easily, and they have appointments for therapies, groups, and other activities that must be kept as well.

Here is the info from The Youth Connection Services, if you want to find out more:

Host Homes Needed

The Connection Youth Services is looking for persons willing to open their homes to homeless teens. Teens become homeless for a number of reasons, often due to situations beyond their control. Teens needing host homes are still attending school and are not yet prepared to live independently. Host homes provide safety, guidance and emotional support to these young people who have no family support or are unable to live with their families.
The Connection carefully screens all youth that are placed in host homes to ensure a good fit with the host family. Youth in our Host Home program are required to attend school and/or work. They are also required to meet with their case manager and counselor weekly and to attend life skills classes and other educational groups.
Host homes are not required to have any special licensing as a foster home would. The Connection is available to assist and consult with the host home 24/7. Also, if needed, the youth can be housed at the shelter for short periods of time to provide a break for the host home. Financial assistance is available for the youth and host home. Continual support services and counseling are mandatory for youth in a host home.
Being a host home to a young person in need can be very rewarding. I am hoping that perhaps you may know someone who would be willing to call and inquire about this opportunity to provide a needed home.

If you are interested in learning more about being a Host Home please contact   —-    Vickie Smith at (517) 552-3975 or by email