It Will Find You

I got a call from my wife saying she found a wallet at the mall, she didn’t know if she should give it to the mall security, or the McDonalds she found it by. The big problem was there was not much contact info in this wallet, $600 cash and a few credit cards. There was some kind of  identification from Venezuala. When my wife said how much money was in the wallet, we decided not to give it to the security and rather we would track her down. We were unsuccessful in our attempts to talk to a person from the credit card companies, but then we found a emergency number to Venezuala, so we called it.  It was her cousin, and they gave us a number to call. We called and left a message and waited for a call back…at this point we were excited and anxious. The wallet was found earlier while in Miami, and now we were in Naples. We started to think about this person and how upset she must be for losing her wallet in a foreign country.

Then we got the call, we explained that we were now in Naples and that her wallet was safe with everything still in it. She was so relieved, she had been crying and so upset. They ended up driving to Naples and we met up with them briefly and returned the wallet. Being so overwhelmed and grateful they even tried to reward us with one of the hundred dollar bills, my wife refused the money which made them even more amazed. From there we drove off into the night filled with joy. We had been directly involved in a answer to someones prayer and a deliverer of their miracle, how exciting…but it didn’t end there!
There was only a few people that new about this, but we still received some bad advise as you could imagine. So the next day I went off to work with a empty wallet, but throughout that day my wallet became filled, I had received tips, and when I finished the day, I was given a envelope that had a $100 bill with a sticky note thanking me for my work ethics. I was blown away, we refused the $100 reward, because we didn’t feel that it was right to accept it. We then turn a round with well over $100 reward from the Lord. We now have this testimony to the people who had given us bad advise. That night we celebrated our victory, God is so good!