It’s a Miracle…on Ice!

My son’s hockey team was playing in a big district game. Midway through the second period he was injured and could not get up off the ice. An orthopedic surgeon was in the stands and attended to his injury on the ice. After examining his leg, the doctor said he believed it was broken where it meets the knee. In the meantime, the rink had called an ambulance, and the doctor held his leg immobile while he was being carried off the ice. I asked the doctor where the nearest ER was (we were in Macomb County) and he said St. John’s, but he also added that they do not do emergency surgery there, and that if my son needed surgery he would have to be transferred. We declined the ambulance ride, but did have the attendants help us carry my son to the car and get him in. I sat by him and prayed over him in tongues all the way to the hospital. At the hospital we ran into a woman from church with her daughter. The ER doctor examined my son and immediately gave him pain medication. They took x-rays. The doctor showed us the x-rays on the computer monitor and confirmed that his leg was indeed broken. (the girl’s mother was right there and saw and heard it all). They gave us a prescription for pain medication, put my son in a brace from his ankle to his upper thigh, game him a set of crutches and instructed him to put no weight at all on his leg. I still have the Discharge Instructions which read: “FRACTURE LOWER EXTREMITY – A fracture is the medical term for a BROKEN BONE. It will take at least four weeks for the fracture to heal. FRACTURE KNEE – You have a FRACTURE (break) of a bone in the knee joint. Depending on the severity of the fracture, this will take four weeks or longer to heal”.

We went home, and I remember telling my son that God’s best for him was not a broken leg. And together we commanded his leg to line up with the Word of God in Jesus’ Name. Also, he agreed that if he woke during the night in pain, he could call me but he was not to say “OWWWWW My leg hurts” he was to say “OWWWW, by Jesus’ stripes I’m healed”.

He did not wake during the night with any pain. The next day we went to see the partner of the ortho doctor who was at the rink the night before. He had already spoken to his partner and knew what he was expecting to see. He examined my son’s leg and said, “Well, it’s not currently presenting as a break. We need to get a MRI.” The final diagnosis: A bone bruise and a sprained ACL. No break, crutches only as needed. And a 10 day rest from contact sports. God is good and my boy is back skating just like new.