Kidney Healed

I was diagnosed with kidney stones a few months ago. One of the stones was almost a half inch long and the doctor told me it would not pass.  She said we could wait and see if it moved or if it started to cause pain before we dealt with it, so I didn’t think about it for quite a while. About a month ago, I started to feel pain again.  If you’ve ever had kidney stones, you know what I mean about PAIN!  I had this pain in my right side for about 3 weeks and it was getting pretty severe.


I was about to make an appointment to have the large kidney stone blasted and broken into small enough pieces to be able to pass them, or if that didn’t work… surgery.  On a Thursday at the church office, one of the ladies prayed over me for the stone to dissolve.  I felt a little better, but there was still pain.  At dress rehearsal for Easter, two women prayed over me again because the pain was getting worse again.

Easter morning in the service Pastor Tracy said to stand if you needed a healing.  I stood up.  She said there was someone with a kidney issue that they had been praying for.  I knew it was me! She saw me raise my hand and said to me that I was completely healed in Jesus’ name. By the time I went outside to the event we had that day, I realized that the pain was completely gone.  Thank you Jesus!  I have experienced many healings since coming to Life Christian. I know now that it is because God does not want me to be sick, but in excellent health (John 10:10).  I was not taught that in previous churches.  I thank God for this church and for being taught the truth that is in the Word!