LBI is not only for those who feel called into the ministry but it is for anyone who has a desire to have a greater understanding of God’s Word. The purpose of these intense courses of study is to enable believers to live successfully in every area of life and empower them with God’s Word to reach others.

Two Academic Levels

Academic: Required to complete attendance, assignments, and exams.

Audit: Not required to complete any assignments, reading or exams.
However, must comply with attendance policy.

Class Locations

Troy- Monday Nights
Howell – Monday Nights
New Baltimore- Thursday Nights


Tuition payments must be received by the LBI office at the beginning of each year. This year classes begin on September 10th. Please note tuition does not include text books.

Authority of the Believer
Learn how authority works with man’s conscience, with the Word, and with God Himself, and how to use authority effectively to bring His Kingdom into manifestation.

Faith of God
We teach on what faith is and what faith is not, where our faith comes from, how it causes us to grow according to the Word of God, how to apply faith to our everyday life, and common misunderstandings about faith.

The Spirit Controlled
LifeThis course will study walking in the highest kind of love. Students will study how to  walk in love and how to develop the Fruit of the Spirit for everyday life.

Principles of Prayer
We examine the various methods of prayer, give the student a working foundation of how to receive revelation knowledge, discuss the difference between intercession and supplication, how to develop a prayer life, and how to discover God’s will for your life.

Praise and Worship
Understand the importance for every believer to live a life of praise. Students will learn the difference between praise and worship, how to invite the presence of God and develop a deeper fellowship with God through praise and worship.

Gifts of the Spirit
God has equipped the church with mighty gifts of the Holy Spirit to do the works that Jesus did. Students will learn what the gifts are and what they are not, how to develop the gifts in your life, and common misunderstandings about the gifts.

Healing for Today
Jesus gave the great commission. Preach, Teach and Heal. One-third of the believer’s responsibility is to heal the sick. Students will not only learn how to receive healing, but also how to be equipped in the healing ministry of Jesus.

Biblical Finance
Surprisingly, more scripture is dedicated to this topic than any other, yet most Christians experience lack rather than abundance. Identify the biblical causes of lack and discover the spiritual and natural laws which govern the release of abundance He has for you.

The pre-requisite for LBI Year Two is LBI Year One

Old Testament Survey
This course will familiarize the student with the people and events of the Old Testament. Without a knowledge of the Old Testament, one cannot fully understand many of the wonderful promises in the New Testament.

New Testament Survey
Overview of the New Testament books with a concentrated study of the Lord Jesus and the Apostles. Students will study the beginning of the church, the spread of the gospel and practical application of biblical principles for our day to day life.

Ministry Gifts
This is a comprehensive study of the call, character, placement, and purpose of the pastor, teacher, prophet, evangelist and apostle in today’s church. Learn the function of these gifts, where they came from, and their role in the local church.

Book of Acts
This is an expository study of the Book of Acts, with consideration of main events, characters, the early church ministry and how it affects us today.

Church Government
This course will discuss the various church governments functioning in the body of Christ. Learn historically how these governments evolved and learn of the necessity of church government for the local church.

Ministry of Serving
This course is designed to show the establishment of the Ministry of Helps through its application to situations in and out of the church. Learn the supernatural importance of the Ministry of Helps, and why it is necessary for the church today.


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Registration for 2013-2014 runs from July 07 – September 09. Classes are on Monday nights at 7pm.

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