Pinched Nerve…HEALED!

This incredible testimony was shared with us recently, and we wanted to pass it on to encourage you and to remind you that God still moves today!

Back in March, during Pastor Devin’s last service in Howell, he had several words for healing. Many people came up to be prayed for. I was one of them. I have had a pinched nerve in my neck that caused a great deal of pain and limited my range of motion. As a physical laborer, that is not a good thing for the job, let alone how it affected my quality of life.

When Pastor Devin had a word on a pinched nerve and shoulder pain, I immediately responded and came forward. I had hands laid on me and a prayer was said. Faith was released in my life and I felt the pain begin to subside.

Now, almost two months later, I am completely pain free! This was an issue that I’d dealt with for a long time. Medication and treatment helped, but it never went away. That day though, God gave a word of healing and I haven’t had trouble since!

Because I am pain free, my work is better, my time with my family is more enjoyable, and I am even able to do things around the church to help more! I am so thankful for the teaching my family has gotten at Life, as well as the unconditional love and support from the leaders and Pastors. We truly are learning that we are blessed and highly favored!

Thank God for how He is moving in peoples lives right here, right now, today! Come expecting this weekend and let’s  expect to encounter God together!