Q & A- What is Growth Track?

Over the next few weeks, we want to take some time to talk about things that are often asked of us. Today, we want to introduce you to our Growth Track

Whenever someone comes into Life Christian, they always want to know about who we are, what we believe, and what we do. That is one of the reasons for our Growth Track. Growth Track is a 3 week ‘class’ that introduces people to Life Christian and talks about our church government, our statement of faith, and our history while also introducing people to habits that help them grow spiritually.

Growth Track follows the weeks of a month, meaning that Church 101 is on the first Sunday every month. 201, the habits of a healthy Christian lifestyle, takes place on the second Sunday. 301, which is a fun class where you take a spiritual gifts test, is designed to help you discover your gifts and purpose. 301 happens every month on the third Sunday. Finally, 401, which is our Dream Team training, takes place on the fourth Sunday. 401 is part of Growth Track, but is specifically for people who are interested in becoming a part of a ministry serve team, known as a Dream Team.

The goal of our Growth Track is multipurpose. Of course, we want people to attend to find out more about the church. But much more than that, we want people to go through Growth Track so they can learn how to better equip themselves to grow spiritually and so they can discover (if they don’t already know!) the gifts and talents they have. Many people light up in 301, when often for the first time they make the connection between some interest they have or desire they have to do something, and the purpose God has for their lives. Most of the time, this connection has been left undiscovered becomes of the business of life and the lack of opprotunity

Similar to having a diamond encased in carbon, our lives hold something valuable and precious…something placed inside of us by God. These gifts and talents can easily be pushed aside and overlooked if we don’t understand why they are they and what they are for. But in Growth Track, as people think about their passions and interests, and see how those things can be used by God to accomplish something great, they realize that life has so much more for them…because God loves them and created them for a unique purpose!

If you’re new to Life Christian, or maybe you’ve been around awhile but want to refresh yourself on the basics of who we are and how you can continue growing spiritually, then come to Growth Track! You don’t have to wait for the first Sunday of the month, just jump right in this weekend. Each class starts 15-20 minutes after service ends and provides lunch and childcare (and we feed the kids, too!). So stop in after service this weekend!