Sermon Notes for Sunday 3-23-14

Here are the notes from Part 3 of our Breathe Series called “Getting Your Breath Back”

Breathe part 3 Sermon Notes- 3/23/14 Howell Campus

Scriptures Used Today: Deut. 30:19; Daniel 5:26-27; Luke 21:34; Job 9:25; Prov. 21:5; Prov. 19:2; Ps. 39:6; 1 Kings 19-11-12; Ps. 46:10; Mark 6:31; Eccl. 4:6; Ps. 23:1-3


5 Things Happen when we’re out of Breath:


  • The risk of making bad choices ___________.

~When our hearts become weight down, it creates anxiety in our lives, which leaves us unable to enjoy the life God has for us!

  • My emotions become _____________.
  • I become less ______________.

~Doing more DOES NOT EQUAL producing more!

  • I can feel ___________ inside.

~If the purpose of what we do is what we get, our result is emptiness!

~Purpose flows out of something greater than a thing. If flows out of a REALTIONSHIP

~Burnout isn’t the result of too much activity. Burnout is the result of doing activity that has no __________.

  • I can’t hear _______.

~Being still means that we must STOP DOING!


Mark 6:31 gives us answers for being out of breath:


  1. We have to stop the constant push for ________.

~My value has never and will never be in what I PRODUCE. My value comes in discovering who I AM!


  1. We have to get close to _________.


My job is not to produce __________. My job is to develop a relationship. God’s job is to produce results.