Some quick testimonies

God is moving at Life Christian Church in all of our wonderful campus locations. But especially here in Howell, we’ve seen some awesome things happening recently. Here are a few brief testimonies that have come in over the last few weeks through our Connection Cards:

  • “Praise God for the Small Groups! I am involved in a few this time through, because I was interested in so many of them. Even though I’ve been busy, it has been so powerful. The things I’m learning have been making a difference is so many areas of my life…personally, my marriage, with my kids, and in my faith. Thank you!”
  • “For years I’ve used chew. I’ve tried before to quit and the addiction has been so strong I’ve always ended up picking it back up. Recently, because of what I’ve been learning from Pastor Devin and so many others at Life, I made the decision that with God, I could do this. I made my declaration to God that with His help I was going to overcome this addiction, and I haven’t used any since. I haven’t had withdrawals, I haven’t had the cravings…the desire is just gone. Now, I am already feeling better, and I’m saving a lot of money, too!”
  • “There was a lump. They thought it was cancer. I didn’t allow fear to rule my mind. We prayed and believed God, and Pastor Devin and Elizabeth agreed with us, and the results of the testing came back…no cancer!”


Big things… small things… God is concerned with the details of our lives. As we seek Him, and as we trust Him, He moves in our lives!