TESTIMONY: A Whole Family Work

Prior to coming to Life Christian Church, a member of our congregation got a call from her child’s daycare informing her one of her children was being very disobedient and hard to deal with. The daycare informed her on the call they would no longer be able to provide care for her child. After the call, she started calling other daycares to find a place where she could take all three of her children. During her search she called out to God for help; it was soon after she called Life Christian Church’s Childcare Center, Giggle Gang.

After enrolling all three children at Giggle Gang she began to notice changes in them; her two oldest children began asking if they could go to church. Initially, She hesitated because of fear of what others at the church would think of her and how she would be received. After several weeks she rose above her fear and came to Church. Since that point, she has seen a tremendous change in all three children. All three of her children are more well-behaved than before and incorporate prayer into their daily lives.

Aside from the changes in her children’s lives, she has seen a tremendous change in her own. Prior to coming to our Church she had a very negative outlook on life and had very bad anxiety. Over the past year of being at the Church, she has overcome her anxiety and developed a much more positive outlook on her life.

Praise God.