The Pain is Gone!

We are so glad to serve a God who is alive and who is more than able to move in our lives because of His love for us!

During our Easter service, those attending heard the testimony of Pam, who was healed of fibromyalgia. She recently also wrote this brief testimony of praise to God for what He has done in her life to share with everyone here on our website! As you read and are reminded of God’s favor, if you have a prayer request or praise report to share, go to the ‘my story’ tab and share it with us! Our team stands ready to pray with you in faith for God to move, and our church is always ready to celebrate how God is moving in lives!

From Pam:

I am so thankful that I found (or was led to) Life Christian Church! I have learned how to truly make Jesus my Lord and Savior, and I have felt the Holy Spirit move in my life, which I never had before. I have even been healed of Fibromyalgia, which plagued me for more 20 years. Sometimes it was so painful I could barely move. But through prayer, the laying on of hands, and the Holy Spirit, it’s gone! Praise God! I have never before felt so close to God, and I don’t want to ever loose that feeling. I have been feeding on the Word, and I’m learning how to make it part of who I am.