The Results are in…

Back in April I went in for my annual mammogram, and it came back with results that no woman wants to hear, a 2 centimeter mass was found. I went in for a follow-up ultrasound and with those results they referred me to a surgeon’s office. The surgeon ordered another mammogram, a more detailed one, to get a better look.

Between the first mammogram and seeing the surgeon, I had two dreams. I went to you to get prayed for and standing behind you while you prayed for me was Pastor Tracy. I knew what I needed to do, and that was to get hands laid on me.

I prayed and said that when I go to church on Sunday, I am going to ask Pastor Sarah Marie to pray for me and when hands are laid on me I will be healed. Well, that following Sunday Pastor Anton preached and after service he was at the altar praying for people. I was a little hesitant that is was Pastor Anton, because I knew what I dreamed, but then quickly corrected myself and said I will receive my healing no matter which pastor prays for me, because they are in agreement with Pastor Sarah Marie. After he prayed for me, I told him that I would let him know that I have been healed once I had received confirmation of my healing.

So I went to the surgeon’s office, had my test, and then waited for test results. When the results came back it showed that everything was clear. What was on the first mammogram was not on the second mammogram!!! The 2 centimeter mass that was clearly seen on the first mammogram was gone!!!

God is an awesome God!