Unexpected Blessing

This testimony came in recently from a lady in our church about how God provided for a great need in her life: help with some care trouble. Here’s her story:

I want to share a testimony from this week with you quickly. My car battery died at the gas station, and a young mechanic happened to be there. He had cables and was able to get my car started, however I needed a new battery and payday wasn’t for another week.

Then, a friend blessed me by paying for my new battery! After getting that battery my car was still having some trouble. My mechanic came to me and got it running…at no charge! He (the mechanic) was so awesome, and God is so awesome! God blessed me abundantly through others this week!


We rejoice in the fact that our God is able to provide for our needs when we trust Him! Maybe not always directly the way we think He will do it, but His ways are better than our ways! Praise the Lord!

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