Watching God Work

Here’s a Testimony we’d like to share with you:

behind the scenes

A couple months ago, my brother became really sick, I went through the same sickness as well, and I started to share with him, how God got me through the situation. I started sending him verses from the scriptures, as well as sending him translated versions of Thursdays and Sundays services. He didn’t know of God, or of his miracles.

Every night we talked on the phone, and he started to know more of God. He started talking to one of my sisters, and he started sharing all the things he learned from her, but my sister is far from God’s way, (she started working with the enemy) she put him against me, that I was wrong, that she could cure him, that she had a light, and she started showing him the things of the enemy. They went away from me, but I continued to pray for them, and sending the service translations. Some time passed, until he sent me an email, saying the worst thing a brother could say to a sister, he thought I was in some sort of cult, and that I shouldn’t come visit him. I didn’t allow that to affect me, because I knew God was on my side. On the Saturday prayers, I talked to Pastor Sarah Marie about it, she and Maria, helped me in prayer for a long time. She told me to leave that situation for a time, but to continue to pray, because the battle was the Lords. He is bigger than any situation, and she was sure that God would so something big after all of this. It was really hard on me, to loss contact with my family for some time, but during all that time, I felt the love of God, and I continued to give thanks to Him.

A month ago my brother wrote me asking for forgiveness, and recognizing, that his dependencies, confidence, provision and health depend only on God. He showed the verses and services to my sister, my sister began to find Christ, and has accepted Him as her Lord and Savior, and she too asked for forgiveness, and started to leave the things that weren’t from God.

She is starting to share her testimonies, and her dream is to come here to share with everyone how the services and verses she got to know God and accepted him. About my brother, the Lord is working with him, he is getting better, and I continue to send him the services, and pray for him to continue to walk in God’s path. Amen.

I wanted to share this testimony with everyone, to remember the benefits of walking alongside with God, and my confidence in God everyday grows bigger. In Romans 4:20-21 it says, He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to perform. Amen!