We love Our Community!

Howell is a great play to live, work, and enjoy life with others, and there are many great things to see and do as well!

As a part of the Howell Chamber of Commerce we are active in representing our community to others, and also working to spread the word on events, activities, functions, and family fun things to do. Pastor Devin serves as a Chamber Ambassador to other local businesses, we provide many community resources in our cafe area on area attractions and services, and even host business events at the church from time to time.

We believe that being a light and a witness means being involved! That’s why we also support Love in the Name of Christ and the Livingston County 2-1-1 resource support center through the United Way. Working together, we know we’re able to help many more people than we ever could individually.

Additionally, we want to always be a hub for information, so with that in mind here are some links to various resources and services in the Howell area!

A Few Quick Links for Howell / Livingston County:

Howell Chamber of Commerce
Livingston County

Directory Download for Livingston County

City of Howell

Howell Library

Howell Parks and Recreation

Howell Conference and Nature Center