Where are you connected?

There’s a line to a famous song that goes ‘we all need somebody to lean on.’

You know, there’s truth in that statement. Life isn’t made of us to live it on our own, its made to be lived in community. We need people we can talk to. We need people who invest in us. We need people who encourage us. We need people who will challenge our thinking and who we have a strong enough relationship with that they can tell us when we’re acting foolish.

With all of the challenges and issues that face us in the world, if we isolate ourselves its very easy to be defeated by our problems. We’ll start to think and believe that the issues we’re facing are something no one else deals with, which leads to us feeling inferior, which leads to us withdrawing further… its a vicious cycle that can leave a person depressed and alone, eventually falling under the crushing weight of condemnation, guilt, and shame.

However, that’s not what God wants for us! When we have a support system around us and we couple that with the time we spend in the Word of God and in prayer, we can find the answers we need and we can find the strength we need to face those issues. Jesus, in the garden before his crucifixion, understood the value of having people close to him being with him. That’s why he invited three of his disciples to join him in prayer.

Paul traveled throughout the known world sharing the gospel, and he always did it with a team. Elijah traveled and ministered with Elisha. David had advisers and the Prophet Nathan. Moses relied heavily upon Aaron to support him and even speak for him to the people… All that to say, these great men (and women) we read about and study had support. They had a team.

And it’s true, sometimes the support system failed. Sometimes the people that were relied on didn’t come through. That’s real life though. Even so, Moses was much more effective with Aaron on his side despite his brothers temporary lapse. The ministry of Jesus was spread in a powerful way even through the disciples who fell asleep. And even Paul, at the end of his life and ministry, commended Mark, who had turned back and left the apostle mid-trip early on. You see, when we build relationships over time, we build trust too. When that happens even temporary failures don’t break the relationship because we still see the value in the people around us who we trust, and it makes our lives stronger as a result!

Building relationships and building trust takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. One of the purposes of Small Groups here at Life Christian is to create that community within the church where people can connect and build real lasting relationships…and trust. Yes, we get together and have fun, we study the Word of God, and we may even enjoy some yummy food. But at the end of the day, being in a small group is about not being alone. It’s about living life with others who can listen to you, support you, encourage you, pray with you, and yes…even look you in the eye sometimes and say ‘you need to knock that off.’

We all need that in our lives.

So, check out our small groups page and find a place to get involved. God wants to grow you, develop you, empower you, and stretch you. But you need people around you who can walk through the good, the bad, and the ugly with you. So sign up for a group, get involved, and start building relationship that will last. Because we do all need somebody to lean on!


Groups available:

Monday night Praying to make a difference

Wednesday night Outreach Prison ministry

Wednesday night Bible Study

Wednesday night Financial Peace University

Thursday night Proactive Parenting

Friday morning Ladies Bibles and Beverages: A women’s group

Saturday evening Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

Sunday Morning Pre-Service Intercessory Prayer (All are welcome in this prayer focused group!)

TBD Man to Man: A men’s study group