You are an Over-Comer!

Devotional: Day 9


Revelation 12:11- And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb….


Have you ever watched a movie or television show that had a really great courtroom drama in it? The lawyers are battling back and forth about some piece of evidence, the person on trial sits waiting, hoping that their case will be believed, even if they don’t deserve to go free.


It’s always fun to watch, even more so when we know if the person on trial is guilty or innocent. As you watch, you can almost feel for them every time something goes wrong. And you rejoice with them when something good happens.


That’s almost like it is with us.


You were put on trial, and both the defense and the prosecution knew you were guilty. To make matters worse, so did the judge. Really, the trial was just a formality. Seemingly nothing you could say could tip the scales of justice in your favor. There were no words, no eloquent speech, and no star witnesses.

The prosecution was sitting pretty. Satan knew he had you beat. He might be going down for eternity, but he was sure he’d take you with him. So he sat back in his seat and smiled as God the Father—our righteous judge and jury—asks you what you plead.


We know your guilty. You deserve punishment. But you can tell by the look in His eyes that God doesn’t want you to be punished any more than you want to be. So you stand up, look down at the table and whisper softly:


“I plead the blood of Jesus.”


The courtroom is in an uproar. The prosecution is objecting on every ground he can think of. Those watching in the audience are mumbling to each other frantically. God the Father takes the notes about all of your transgressions and thumbs through them, then calls both attorneys up to His bench.


“There is nothing on these pages,” He announces to the prosecution and defense. “The Blood did it, this man is innocent.”


The devil is furious. He spins on his heal and glares at you. “You know what you’ve done,” he barks. Then he stomps over to his desk and slams his fist down.


You stand, as court is dismissed. Turning to leave as a free man, you stand face to face with your accuser. You smile slightly, the tears streaming down your cheeks as pure joy overtakes you.


“It’s all covered by my Blood,” you hear your lawyer, Jesus Christ, say. Then you get to go home to be with the Father.


The greatest courtroom drama of all has yet to occur, but the outcome is already assured.


You win.