Parents and Teens:

The time for camp has almost arrived! Be sure to be here THIS WEDNESDAY as we will have a camp info meeting directly after service. In this meeting we will share the basics of what will be happening for the weekend at camp, go over the rules, walk through what you need (and don’t need) to bring, and answer as many questions as we can!
There will also be a travel release form parents will need to sign and fill out for those riding the caravan to Troy for camp.

On Friday Morning, anyone not dropping their child off directly at the Troy Campus will need to be at Life Life Christian Church Howell Campus by 6am to load up for Troy. We will leave by 6:15am. We will stop for a quick breakfast on the way, so teens will want to have a few extra dollars for food.
We will arrive at Troy before 9am to get everyone loaded and off to camp!

On Monday afternoon, we will meet the returning campers around 4pm at the Troy Campus. Parents ARE WELCOME to pick their teens up, but please let us know in advance if you plan to do this. However, once everyone returns dinner will be served and there will be a wrap-up concert at Troy!

If you wish to pick your camper up from Troy sometime after 4:30, you may do so. Otherwise everyone will stay for the concert and we will depart for Howell around 8:30, with a arrival time between 9:45-10pm.
If you elect not to pick your teen up from the Troy Campus, you’ll be able to pick them up in Howell by 10pm!

We believe this is going to be a great and very powerful time for everyone! See you Wednesday for the info meeting and Friday morning for Drop Off!